Top Free Agents Still on the MLB Market

This MLB season is brewing to be one of the more highly anticipated ones, amongst players, fans, and front offices.The sheer size and amount of trades demands the kind of attention and expectations everyone has for the upcoming season, and with the coronavirus receding, it may just have the fans cheering and having front row seats to all the action. It is already Spring camp and training for some teams, while others continue to gear up, making moves on their rosters. Fans will no doubt be keeping a close eye on what their teams are coming up within response to rivals, and staying on top of every play with bet365. The Dodgers and Padres have clearly set themselves apart as the teams to look up to as the season ramps up. With most of the big free agency names already off the board, going mostly to the two aforementioned, a few names are still up for grabs and would instantly add quality to any roster.

Arguably one of the two biggest names available, Bradley is an impact player at the very least if we do not want to call him a superstar. At 30, Bradley Jr is coming off one of his better offensive seasons yet and has a lo more in the tank if he can become more consistent on that end. That said, Bradley Jr has always been a highlight reel, and is known to make some big and flashy plays, he can pull one out of the hat at any moment. 18.0 WAR and 53 defensive runs averaged in eight seasons makes him a solid choice for any team that can pry him away from the board. The Red Sox are still init to snag him,with the Cubs, Astros, Mets, Phillies in tow.

The other very big name on this free agency board, Odorizzi had a strong 2019, gathering momentum that had to take him into a big 2020, but four separate injury stints early in the season meant he could not find his game.Still, Odorizzi is a quality guy who can give you 3.15 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, and 178 strikeouts in a good year, not a great one, so he still has another gear. The Phillies and Angels are in the mix for him, but more teams should.

One word has always defined Franco, and is what is his calling card this free agency, upside. The 28-year old has always had upside and although he has been below par in recent seasons, but a brief spark in his last season play should be enough to have teams willing to take the dip. The Brewers right now may be the only real shoppers at this time, but again for a guy with upside you have to take your chance.

Greene was an All-Star for the first time in his career in 2019, after an impressive first half of the season as a late-inning reliever, and in 2020, he still showed some of that ability and can be a quality addition to many teams. However, Greene may have his sights set on a contender, and the Braves may be his best chance.

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