Time to put an end to golf cart rallies

To the Editor:

Meta Minton’s article was spot on.
The recent politically-themed golf cart rally in Lake Sumter Landing has brought unwanted attention and ridicule to The Villages on a national and international level.
After four years renting as snowbirds, we chose to make The Villages our full-time home. We’ve weathered many snide jokes about “swinging seniors and STDs”, because we knew the true nature and genuine friendliness of the folks who live here. We’ve enjoyed the golf cart parades on St. Patrick’s Day, and the whimsical decorations that adorn these mini modes of transportation at pretty much every other holiday, too.
But I take issue with the use of golf cart “parades” to impose EITHER party’s politics in such a belligerent and offensive manner as has become the norm. Whatever the original intent was, it’s gotten out of control. These rallies are no longer a positive force, they’re divisive. They promote an attitude that’s damaging to the reputation of The Villages and its residents.
Maybe it’s time to end this form of rampant radicalism, for the good of our entire community.

Deb Kemper
Village of Rio Grande

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