Pennsylvania Couple Golfing Together for 30 Years Plays Through COVID-19 at Bella Vista Golf Course

After months of stay-at-home orders, many people are itching to resume their normal activities. In this week’s Art of Aging, Tamala Edwards catches up with a husband and wife team who couldn’t wait to get back on the greens.

For Burke and Marge Steenhoff, golfing is a couple’s thing.

Every Monday you can find them playing in the women’s and men’s mixed league at the Bella Vista Golf Course in Gilbertsville, Montgomery County, PA.

“It’s a four-hour walk turned bad because it’s very frustrating, but I enjoy the challenge,” says Burke.

Burke’s dad and grandfather both golfed and he says he fell in love with the game at the age of 12 while working at a driving range.

“And then I had lessons when I was probably 14 and I’ve been playing ever since,” explains Burke.

Marge, on the other hand, only started playing as an adult after a work friend asked her to join a league.

“I went out once and was hooked,” says Marge. “It’s just getting that one shot and it just feels so good.”

When Burke realized his wife shared his passion for golf, he got her lessons and they’ve been playing together for nearly 30 years.

“We’ve played primarily just as a couple,” says Burke.

But, since retirement, they’ve played more in separate leagues as time has allowed; enjoying the social aspect of the game.

“Some of our best friends now are people that we met on the golf course,” says Burke.

Marge says they’ve tried to follow the philosophy of legendary golfer Nancy Lopez and “play happy.”

But Marge says, “Some days it’s a lot easier to ‘play happy’ than other days.”

And Burke says he agrees with that sentiment, adding, “But if you’re out here to have a good time, it’s enjoyable.”

Marge says, “It’s never too late to start really.”

“We enjoy it very much,” adds Burke.

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