No clarity about the ranking points for the US Open

French tennis player Gilles Simon says that the governing bodies of tennis need to disclose how ranking points would be awarded for the upcoming tennis tournaments as that could be a factor for players to decide if they want to travel to play those events given the current global health crisis.

Gilles Simon on the ranking points for the US Open

Simon was invited on the Smash club show by Frenchman Gael Monfils where he gave his views about holding the US Open. “The USTA has a role in trying to organize the US Open.

As a player, as long as we only talk about prize money, we have freedom. We can decide to go, gauge if it’s worth it to take the risk of going to the United States … And then comes the question of points. And there is the general vagueness, nobody knows the rules.

We do not know if the points count for 2, 6 months .. Until we have the answer, I cannot position myself. For me, we should not put points. That way everyone is free to do what they want. But the organizers are stuck between two chairs.

They don’t say anything on this subject. They want to give points because, contractually, they are obliged to do so for reasons of TV rights. But on the other hand, they are told “wait, you can’t organize something knowing that not everyone is sure to come”

For example, South Americans, if they go out, they cannot come back for three months. For the moment it is a hassle, frankly, I do not think we should put points. The most important thing, when you have rules, is to have them from the start and there, we don’t have them.

We know we have tournaments, but for those who can’t come, it’s a bit incorrect.” Simon also said there were no guidelines yet on what would happen if a player tested positive. “If there is a case, everyone is tested, and then, what happens? No one knows.

Everyone has their interests. On the one hand, the Americans say to themselves: “No, but it’s fine here, on the other hand, we don’t want to go to Europe” The others say: “well we are the opposite”

In short, it’s laborious.” The US Open is scheduled to be being in New York from the week of August 24th to September 13th. 35 year old Simon is a former World No. 6 and has won 14 singles titles on the ATP Tour.

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