Mike Trout has concerns about playing in 2020, and NFL players may share them

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The best player in baseball is talking about the possibility of skipping the 2020 season, in a sign that professional athletes are not all on board with their leagues’ plans during the pandemic.

Mike Trout, the Angels’ three-time MVP center fielder, said today that he won’t play if he can’t be convinced that it’s safe for himself and his family, which includes his pregnant wife.

“It’s gonna come down to how safe we’re gonna be. If there’s an outbreak, you definitely have to reconsider. There’s a lot of questions. I love baseball, but I have to do what’s right for my family. It’s gonna be a tough decision if something happens down the road,” Trout said, via the Los Angeles Times.

Although no NFL players of Trout’s stature have suggested they may skip the coming football season, it’s easy to see why football players will have the same concerns as baseball players. Get exposed to COVID-19 on the field, and you’ll have to isolate yourself from your family for two weeks. For Trout, even if he’s confident that as a young and healthy person he’ll be OK, asking him to isolate for two weeks from his pregnant wife or newborn child is an awful lot to ask. Plenty of NFL players may have similar concerns about their families.

Trout said his own concerns are common among baseball players.

“Talked to a lot of guys across the league, texting me a lot, and they’re all thinking the same thing, is this gonna work?” Trout said.

It may not work, but Major League Baseball is still planning to start its season in three weeks, and the NFL is planning to start its season in two months.

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