Hendrick Motorsports Crew Member Talks About How NASCAR Crew Members ‘Beat the Heat’

Last Month, hot weather took a toll on many NASCAR drivers. Bubba Wallace even had to visit the medical center after suffering from a heat stroke at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Recently, Hendrick Motorsports posted a video on twitter revealing how the pit crew members prepare for the long hot race days. They wrote, Dustin Lineback, jackman for the @Hendrick88Team, talks about how the pit crew athletes prepare for long races in the heat through hydration and training!”

Hendrick Motorsports #88 car crew member Dustin Lineback reveals their secret defense against the thought weather conditions on the tracks. He is a Jackman with the #88 team.

He said, “I was asked how pit crew athletes keep up with training and hydration as we prepare for long and hot summer races such as the weekend at Indy.”

After that, he added, “We focus a lot on hydration and drink a lot of hydration mixes. I probably mix 4-5 of these mixes in a gallon on water and drink that every single day.”

Additionally, he talked about his training for the long weekends. He said, “When it comes to training we have a turf field at Hendrick Motorsports and our trainer put us through circuit events like ladders, sprints, weight training everything outside in the heat so our bodies can adapt.”

Extreme heat took out multiple drivers after the series’ return

Last month, Bubba Wallace had to visit the medical center after the Atlanta race. After the race, Fox Sports reported that Wallace was not feeling well in the last phase of the race and his crew had to help him get out of the car. After that, Bubba began to feel dizziness and other heat-related sicknesses. And he was taken to the nearest medical facility in an ambulance.

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