Gor Mahia elections: Rachier, Nyangi differ on required qualifications

The two officials have differed on what the contestants should possess before they are cleared for polls

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier and the organising secretary Judith Nyangi have differed on the qualifications requirements for the upcoming club elections.

Gor Mahia have set August 8 as the date for the next elections and Rachier believes a requirement that all the contestants should have a degree is not something strange.

“This is a constitution that members approved, it is not the chairman who approved it,” Rachier told Radio Jambo.

“Elections laws are found in various organisations and even the national elections can be contested by people who have the requirements stipulated by laws.

“Such laws are not made to keep some people away. It is not a strange thing but one that is meant to keep noisemakers away or those who do not qualify to be leaders.

“I understand we have millions of Gor Mahia fans who have degrees and I welcome them to come and vie for these posts.”

Rachier has declared interest to defend his chairman’s position in the August polls.

Nyangi, who is eying the position of the honorary treasurer, claims the constitution which Rachier maintains will be used for the next elections has not been ratified yet.

“We have no election laws because the said constitution has not yet been forward to the Registrar of Sports. Gor Mahia are a community club and the qualifications for one to be cleared for election sound a joke for me,” Nyangi told Radio Jambo.

“Qualifications can only be asked for people who want to be employed by the club like the chief executive officer and the finance manager. 

“When one is elected, he is elected to do a job on behalf of the members. Some people are not happy to see me there because they want to turn Gor Mahia into a club of a certain class of people.

“We do not need all these qualifications. The initial requirement was that contestants should have at least a diploma which I have of course. 

“Whatever the chairman says that is his opinion but we will go by what the club’s documents state.” 

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Sally Bolo and Francis Wasuna have confirmed interest to vie for the position of the vice-chairmanship.

The secretary-general post has so far attracted Ronald Ngala and Sam Ochola while Nyangi, Dolfina Onduto, and Victor Mbaka will contest for the honorary treasurer post.


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