Edmonton Oilers ace attacking prospect vows to overcome injury to carve out long NHL career

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2020 Edmonton Oilers prospects
#11 Cooper Marody

Previously: 10th ranked prospect in 2019

When an individual boldly declares what they hope to achieve, that’s often a strong signal that they are about to make great strides towards their goal.

Cooper Marody, now 23, had numerous setbacks last year, mainly due to injury, but also due to far stronger competition at the forward position on the Edmonton Oilers.

He went from playing six NHL games in 2018-19 to not one in 2019-20, when he might well have been expected to have a break through.

He went from 64 points in 58 American Hockey League games in 2018-19 to just 17 points in 30 games in 2019-20.

And yet there Marody was in early June on Oilers Now, telling Bob Stauffer that he was never so ready as now to establish himself in the big leagues.

“I’m just so motivated more than ever to be a long time NHL player and prove myself,” Marody said.

A bold declaration, but one that isn’t out of reach of Marody, who has had more good moments in the Oilers organization since ex-GM Peter Chiarelli acquired him for a third round pick from the Philadelphia Flyers.

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