Dez Bryant calls Tyreek Hill best player in NFL besides Patrick Mahomes

Former NFL receiver Dez Bryant calls Tyreek Hill the best player in NFL—besides Patrick Mahomes.

If you ask former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, the Kansas City Chiefs employ the two best players in the National Football League. The first will be obvious: former league MVP and starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The other is game recognizing game as Bryant believes Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill is the best player in the NFL other than Mahomes.

In a recent post on Twitter, Bryant let his opinions fly on the topic which likely stemmed from an original post from Fox Sports asking the question as to whether or not Hall of Fame corner Deion Sanders would win in a matchup against Hill.

From there, Twitter took off with the debate and even NFL players, past and present, were caught up in the debate. Charles James, a former  five-year NFL cornerback, weighed in for Hill and that’s what led to Dez Bryant’s response.

Hill first arrived in Kansas City as a fifth round pick of the 2016 NFL Draft out of West Alabama. An arrest of domestic violence during his college years dropped him off of draft boards despite his obvious talents. Fortunately Hill has rewarded the Chiefs investment in him by turning in four consecutive Pro Bowl seasons since first entering the league.

The idea that Hill is the single best player outside of Patrick Mahomes in the entire league tips the scales even further toward Kansas City’s direction and Bryant’s fandom of Hill is not without merit. It wasn’t that long ago that Sean Payton and Drew Brees were asked by NFL reporter Peter King the question, “Who is the most dangerous player in the NFL?” Their answer was Tyreek Hill.

Of course, it might be Bryant’s best interesting to speak publicly about his love for the Chiefs. He’s worked out with Mahomes in the past, and remains a free agent (Bryant hasn’t played in the league since the end of the ’18 season). However, Mahomes stated he would let the front office do what they wanted without any public pressure from him to do something.

Hill has 41 total touchdowns through his first first seasons in the league.

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