Can Marvin Bagley, Damian Lillard reignite diss battle in NBA bubble?

The Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings are both staying at the Yacht Club Hotel on the Disney property during the NBA’s Orlando restart. Is there any chance that Damian Lillard and Marvin Bagley can get adjacent rooms for some collaborative tracks?

Lillard already announced that he is bringing a recording studio to Orlando, where he plans to set up a studio in his hotel room. 

On Thursday’s Zoom call with the media, Bagley confirmed that he too plans on bringing his gear to the bubble to help pass the time.

“That’s a must, especially being down there for that long, it would be kind of hard for me not to be able to write and record, especially being in the bubble,” Bagley said. “I’m definitely going to bring my recording stuff and just record whenever I can, whenever I have down in my room, some relax time.”

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There is going to be plenty of downtime for the players as they set up camp in Orlando. If the playoffs weren’t incentive enough, both Lillard and Bagley will be fighting for more studio time away from the distractions of regular life.

In case anyone forgot, Bagley challenged Lillard a.k.a. Dame D.O.L.L.A., to a battle of bars last summer. Lillard fired off a Bagley diss track, which went over well with his teammates. Before Bagley even had a chance to jump in, Lillard had already dropped a second track that was equally brutal.

Bagley responded, hitting back hard on the five-time All-Star, but it was too late. Even Mistah F.A.B. chimed in, declaring Lillard the clear winner.

Eventually a truce was called between the two.

With time on their hands and all eyes focused on the NBA, maybe it’s time the Bagley and Lillard to work together under social distance protocols and cut a track together from the bubble.  

Can Marvin Bagley, Damian Lillard reignite diss battle in NBA bubble? originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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