Rosters could be reduced for 2020 season

Training camps are right around the corner and the NFL could be altering the number of players that are present. According to USA Today‘s Mike Jones, the league is discussing the possibility of reducing rosters for the 2020 season.

As of this moment, teams are expected to have rosters of 90 players for training camps. Additionally, coaches and other members of the staff will need to be present as well.

However, the league wants to try and limit the number of people who are present at each training camp due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while the NFL could come up with other ideas, their current one proposes that teams trim their rosters to 75 or 80 players. Of course, this won’t be universally agreed upon as it will prevent bottom-of-the-depth-chart players from receiving an opportunity to make a roster.

Earlier this month, the NFL and the NFLPA discussed the best route possible for allowing players to have a chance to make an NFL roster. As a result, the league began mulling over the idea of expanding practice squads.

Instead of increasing the number from 10 to 12, the NFL laid out the idea of increasing it to 16 players. In doing so, the league would give teams more players on the roster in case they had a player test positive for the coronavirus. At the same time, it also gives more players opportunities to continue their NFL careers.

If the league were to reduce rosters, then that would reverse course on its original idea was earlier this month. Seeing that teams want as much assurance in 2020, it remains uncertain if the majority of the NFL would be in favor of trimming down rosters.


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