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It has been a little over three years since Colin Kaepernick officially opted out of his contract with the 49ers.

Since March 3, 2017, Kaepernick has remained a free agent, unable to get a shot with another NFL team in need of a quarterback.

In the wake of recent nationwide protests following George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minneapolis, new light has focused on Kaepernick taking a knee to bring attention to racial injustices and police brutality.

With Kaepernick back in the spotlight, there’s been a renewed call for an NFL team to sign the former 49ers quarterback.

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But ESPN analyst and former NFL defensive back Domonique Foxworth believes Kaepernick signing with an NFL team would let the league off the hook for its actions over the last few years.

“I think [Kaepernick] is vindicated,” Foxworth said on “First Take” on Monday. “He’s vindicated by the public. I think the reason why — and this is probably just me being angry myself — I don’t think the NFL deserves vindication. I think Colin being back in in the league would somewhat absolve the NFL of their guilt, and that’s what bothers me about this idea.

“If he comes back and plays at a high level, that will be great for him, it will raise him to a higher level in our minds, in our memories the further we get away from this. But I don’t necessarily want to see some documentary 10 years from now and the highlight of that documentary is that the NFL came around and they are the champions for bringing Colin back. That bothers me.”

While Foxworth doesn’t want to see Kaepernick play in the NFL again, he agrees with an idea floated by GEN magazine’s Drew Magary over the weekend: Vote Kaepernick into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“That’s something I would get behind,” Foxworth said. “It’s not the NFL’s choice. The writer’s should do it. And I understand his on-field contributions are not necessarily up to what a Hall of Fame player should be, but his off-the-field contributions, he is someone that football fans and everyone in this country should be proud of for what he was able to do. And that’s a commemoration of Colin Kaepernick that I would get behind. Whether he would take it or show up or not, that’s something I would like.”

Time will tell if Kaepernick signs another NFL contract or if his impact on society is deemed enough to warrant a place in Canton, Ohio.

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