Los Angeles Lakers Player Predicts A Possible Return Date For NBA Action

As the United States of America is attempting to solve the coronavirus crisis, the NBA’s return date is being bounced back and forth with people’s predictions. Teams have been granted permission to reopen training facilities and are advised to follow social distancing protocols while working out. The Los Angeles Lakers took the decision to resume training activities and reopened their facilities on the 16th of May. 

While the Lakers aiming to get back to speed from where they left off, the training is voluntary and not compulsory for every player and staff to attend. LA players who wish to involve themselves in the distanced workout, can come forward and participate. 

The likes of Alex Caruso and Jared Dudley were seen training at the Lakers facility recently. The duo got together with assistant coach Miles Simon, as reported by ESPN LA Radio. 34-year-old Dudley and his coach Simon took a selfie together to record their happiness of coming back on the court. 

Los Angeles Lakers Player Responds to fan tweet asking him about NBA’s return

While Jared Dudley has been extremely busy in answering his critics on social media, he has been responding to a few tweets that ask him his opinion as well. The most buzzed topic in the basketball world is the return date of the NBA. 

The league shut down on March 11 when Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19. To prevent further spread of the virus, the league immediately suspended all activity and called a halt to the season. As it has been more than two months, fans have started giving their predictions for a likely return.

This comes parallel to the announcement made by California Governor Gavin Newsom that sporting events in the state can take place without fans as early as June 1st.

“I think the NBA will announce in June it’s coming back in early July. Give the players a month to train. NBA games start 4th of July,” Josh Toussaint, a Lakers fan wrote on Twitter. As he tagged Jared Dudley on the post, the Los Angeles Lakers player was quick to respond

“This is what I been saying all along… We coming back! Those dates are about right.. might start a little later than the 4th,” Dudley wrote. So if Jared Dudley is right about this, we still have to wait a month longer to watch 5v5 action in the NBA. Hopefully, it resumes as soon as possible.

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