Cricket buff? Alexa has a spin for you

MUMBAI: Ahead of the cricket World Cup and the highly-anticipated India-Pakistan match, Amazon’s voice platform Alexa gathered insight and data into possible search queries by cricket enthusiasts, resulting in a significantly expanded knowledge based on cricket and Indian interest in the subject, an Amazon technology leader said.

“Over time, one of the ways in which Alexa is become progressively smarter is getting contextually aware,” said David Hardcastle, director (Alexa domains,) Information, said.

The device was specially trained to answer queries and notifications on matters such as the start of the India-Pakistan game, batting averages and other statistical information. “Because cricket fans love a huge amount of stats and details, it made Alexa also a cricket fan, rather than just a repository of knowledge,” he said.

“One of the interesting things the team did here was, ahead of IPL and the World Cup, they went and sat with customers watching cricket on the TV, listening to cricket on the radio and immersed themselves spending time with customers talking about cricket, thinking about the different things they’d want to ask about, and as a result, they got a very rich experience for IPL and the World Cup…”

Hardcastle said that the voice platform was also being trained to understand different accents of Indian English and mixedlanguage vocabulary, replete with Hindi-English words.

It has been able to do so by collecting information on the vocabulary after trawling the internet to find and assign different language labels on the same word or phrase.

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